Kareena Kapoor

Chart analysis by Dr Manish Pandit

POINT 1: (Red Border)

The conjunction of Moon and Ketu is found in so many charts in Bollywood that’s it’s not startling any more. (Compare and contrast with Deepika Padukone’s chart Moon Ketu). This combination is in the 4th house in Capricorn in Makar. The headlessness of Ketu gives a wild nature to personalities and if you add the Mars in Lagna/Ascendant aspecting this Moon, (Mars is a malefic for the Ascendant BUT it’s exhalted in Capricorn and is a benefic for the Moon sign) there is a interesting restlessness which you can see in all her performances.

POINT 2: (Green border Rahu with Venus)

Check out yet another Rahu in the 10th house of career BUT to add to the power, the Ascendant lord Venus is there as well and the 10th house is the most visible house of the zodiac. This indicates the sensual nature of her performances on screen and the Raja Yoga conferred by the 1st lord in that 10th house. The red arrow shows that Moon aspects this entire conjunction, femininity dominates her performances throughout….


Note that her big breaks are in the Mahadasa of Rahu (obviously) including her Filmfare award for Omkara. Another really intelligent person with Mercury in its own house which is forming a Vimala Yoga of sorts (Sun and Saturn are there in that malefic 12th house which may indicate some issues which I cannot talk about here) do note that from Moon as Ascendant, the chart forms a powerful Raja Yoga again (Saturn and Mercury). The 8th lord from the Moon, is the Sun which causes some breakage to this whole combination. (Yellow border).

Jupiter mahadasa puts the break in the career, it’s a malefic for Libra/Tula lagna….


The year 2000 is her debut: Mercury Sub period

Mercury is 12th lord in the 12th forming a superb Vimala yoga
Then 2004 is her comeback in career:Venus sub period: Venus of course is in the 10th house of career.
Then 2006: Sun sub period award for Omkara
All IN Rahu main dasha or period, who is in the 10th house of career.

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  1. Sriharsha

    Sun in MKS( Marana Karaka Sthana) could indicate Father/Fatherly figure literally dying to help her. She could benifit from Father/ Fatherly figures.


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