Bruce Lee

By Dr Manish Pandit

POINT 1: (Mars and Mercury combination in 11th: Green border)

Bruce was a formidable martial arts practitioner. Mars as his 5th lord and Mercury as the 10th lord form a tremendous Raja Yoga in the 11th. Please see the hands denoted by Mercury being used for martial arts denoted by Mars. He was a Wing Chun practitioner foremost.

POINT 2: (Red border contains Moon and Venus)

The Moon is also conjunct Mars although bit far away from Mercury… but afflicted by it. This shows how he came to love filmic work.

POINT 3: (10th Rahu in red border)

Rahu is in its best position in the horoscope in the 10th house. The 10th is the most visible part of the zodiac and denotes career. Rahu is well placed as it is exhalted in Virgo.

POINT 4: (Saturn Jupiter in the 5th house)

Jupiter is lord of the Ascendant and is well placed in the 5th of intellect. Saturn is debilitated in that 5th house but is extremely badly placed as the malefic 3rd lord and lord of Maraka sthana. This is having 7th aspect from that Mars who is the 12th lord in addition. This explains his various injuries. (Red arrow)

The question arises, why the early death?

Look at the Dasha. Malefic Saturn dasha started in 1970. … this is a bad time for this great man. Note that Saturn is debilitated and aspects Moon in Libra in the 11th house (red arrow) who happens to be the 8th lord and the 12th lord Mars is there as well.

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