Jyotish of Political Personalities

Chart 1: Balasaheb Thackeray

1. Moon in Hasta nakshatra in the ascendant. Hasta is a hand in this case it’s a closed fist and planets in Hasta always like to control. In this case Balasaheb was a legendary cartoonist (hand sketching skills) n used to infuse fear by the blows from his political cartoons.

2. Note, that Mars the planet of war and aggression is in the 8th from ascendant and occupies its own house forming a powerful Sarala yoga (as mentioned before 8th lord in 8th gives terror to enemies in addition here it’s Mars)

3. Bhandan/Jhagda is the characteristic of a strong Mars especially with that Moon in Hasta it won’t allow the person to back down. He was known as the man who controlled Mumbai for this ada. Hasta makes the person have a sense of humour too all seen in abundance in Balasaheb.