My Book on KP Jyotish: Volume 1


It was in the year 1999 that I wrote a book on KP Jyotish. Flush with success in many areas of life, I was on top of the world. There is a chapter on the conjunction of two grahas in a single degree at the time of passing the FRCS exam. This particular conjunction involved Rahu and made me predict the exact date and approximate time of passing of the examination nearly 2 months in advance. In addition, many many experiences mentioned in the book, including the peculiar experience of predicting senior Jyotishi Jakatdar’s sudden illness/ death a few years before this had left me rather brash and over confident.

Withdrawing the book from sale in 2008/9 despite a loss:

It was in this period that I published my book from England on Volume 1 of Jyotish for a rather highish sum of around 1100 Rs. A few months later, I was to withdraw the book from sale because I thought that I had revealed too much about Jyotish knowledge. This resulted in me keeping the remaining copies of the book in my house/ garage wherever we travelled for the last 11 years. In actual fact, I don’t think that I gave away too much knowledge but yes, KP Jyotish when done properly does itself feel like a humungous miracle, so accurate can the predictions be.


In addition, I found that I felt extremely uncomfortable with the selling of knowledge, so I let the books remain with me for a loss, for the last round about 11 years or so. Maybe in the future I will think of giving away the books for free, but we shall see.

JHora and it should always remain free:

It was a few years before that in the same sort of time period that Narasimha also took the decision to give the JHora software which he developed with his own hard work alone … to the world …. for free. Me and his wife did advise him, but that’s about it. It was the right decision and it was his decision. Knowledge should remain free as far as possible. I understand that a lot of people (outside Narasimha’s family and close friends) were not happy with this decision but it was absolutely correct. Jhora will remain free always I am sure!!!