Alfred Hitchcock

Chart discussion by Dr. Manish Pandit


The Gajakesari Yoga and Alfred Hitchcock’s chart:

Sir Alfred Hitchcock was one of the kings of cinema, many a time it is trash which passes for cinema nowadays, but in Hitchcock’s work we find a brilliance which is scarcely found in cinema today.
Today, we have High and Ultra High definition cameras and all shot in vivid colour, but the story seems lacking in many films. However with Hitchcock’s films, these are watchable even in the black and white. The man won several academy awards and was a superb artist.
It may interest those of you astrologically inclined to wonder why it should be so.

POINT 1: (Green border Jupiter Moon forming a formidable Gajakesari yoga aspects 10th house: green arrow)

The terrific degree to degree conjunction between Jupiter and Moon forms an unsullied Gajakesari yoga (some consider it to be called Jivha yoga) in the 4th from lagna. Please note that here, Jupiter is the lord of the 9th house, of fortune, whereas Moon is the lord of the mind, the lord of lagna and it is connection between a Kendra as well as a Trikona. The conjunction in another Kendra means that this becomes a classic superb Raja Yoga. In Libra, a Venusian sign, this yoga has given his films a superb artistic touch.


A retrograde Mercury by more than 10 degrees from the Sun, although they are in different signs, they form an unsullied Budha Aditya yoga. What I mean to say is that Mercury is not combust, which means that although it lies in the 12th from the 3rd house, which it owns, it is rendered really powerful. So, not only is the lord of the mind: the Moon rendered powerful, so is the Karaka of Buddhi or intelligence. I suspect that the retrograde Mercury meant that he spoke his mind (a side effect of this position) and that he must have been argumentative. Mercury also means writing and he wrote many many novels.


Venus is in Lagna making this chart almost a complete cinematic chart.
The dasa of Mercury made him a near household name, (it coincided with the end of World War II) the dasa of Saturn which preceded this would have had him living a somewhat more grinding daily life.
Here is the basic chart. Please note that it was partly due to a horrendous criticism of a film made by him called “Lifeboat” in the early 1940’s which caused Hitchcock to really excel at his future films.
Does anybody here have a similar Gajakesari yoga in their charts?

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