Deepika Padukone

Chart discussion by Dr Manish Pandit

First of all, check some basics:

POINT 1: (Blue outline circles in the Yellow square)

Moon and Ketu approaching conjunction in the Ascendant. Moon signifies the mind and Ketu is probably one of the worst malefics for the Moon… AND it’s in the Ascendant.

POINT 2: (Blue circle in the house with Roman numeral II)

Next check the other Luminary: This is the Sun.

Sun is actually well placed in Sagittarius and is in Purvashadha… strong desire to do well in life.

So, even though some health issue may have occurred , recovery is certain.


Next check Mercury:

Mercury (in blue marked circle) is in a powerful Budha Aditya yoga BUT (and this is unusual)… Budha is NOT combust by the Sun. This girl is like really intelligent…

Venus is also conjunct Mercury and hence gives that terrific smile…


BUT Venus (also Blue markup) in the 3rd is combust by Sun. It is lord of the Ascendant AND Moon sign Libra, and so Ascendant is somewhat weak.

Guru (Yellow outline) is in Neecha rashi… the person will be quite broad minded,non judgmental. Guru is a malefic for Libra Lagna so not too bad.


Why is she so famous?

Kendra and Kona lords establish contact in any chart … gives Raja Yoga

Point of contact is established between Mercury who is lord of the 9th house (and aspects that 9th house) and Venus who is lord of Ascendant. (Classical Raja Yoga)


7th house contains Rahu… will comment on it only later…. along with astangata Venus is not great.

All grahas are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu…. in red markup.. Kalasarpa or Kalamrita yoga..


One observation in this chart:

Look how clearly physical characteristics can be displayed in a chart… Moon in Libra… AND Ketu within a few degrees indicates headlessness.. such people can take wrong decisions in life due to the effect of Ketu.. (no doubt a spiritual graha)…


When two of the three Ascendants come into Libra… look at her… can this person be anything other than Libra rashi and Lagna?

The symmetry of this person’s face and limbs is like that…


Look at the situation which could be reduced if she realises that Saturn dasha is about to come in September2019:

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