Marie Fredriksson (Roxette)

Chart discussion by Dr Manish Pandit

For those who don’t know, this is the effect of her music on audiences:

So: what’s her chart like?


1. Saturn in deep Gandanta in 3rd from Moon: (RED Circle) Sibling dead in crash. Saturn constricting the 3rd house.

2: Moon deep aspect by Venus = music (Yellow rectangles)

Ketu aspect: look at the type of music.. not classical.

POINT 2: Health

Mercury (Blue box) is the lord of the Ascendant/Lagna in the 8th house (a dusthana) but more importantly is conjunct although luckily a bit far away from Ketu and Venus. (Yellow box) Here the problem is that the 9th lord Venus of fortune is in the 12th from its own position and in the 8th house thereby making it doubly unfortunate.. (I don’t know what the status of her father is…) Mercury dasha is therefore going to give her a problem… and it did. Mercury is also lord of the nerves and brain (intellect)… she was diagnosed with a brain tumour in Mercury dasha. Note that the lord of Purva Punya (Saturn) who is v important for Virgo Ascendant (and Libra Moon too) is in Gandanta… to read more about Gandanta planets please read this:

POINT 3: Saving grace

Jupiter is in the Ascendant, Rahu is in Libra in Swati nakshatra, giving strength and Moon itself is in Swati… she recovered and did a tour again in 2009.

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