Niki Lauda

Chart discussion by Dr Manish Pandit

Niki Lauda of course, was a world famous Formula 1 driver now immortalised in a famous film which I suggest you should all see called “Rush”.

So, let me point you first to the 10th house of the chart, (red outline and Roman numeral X above) which is the most visible part of the person’s life and the karma sthana.

Here it is: You find Mars and the Sun there, giving power and authority almost putting a stamp on the sport. Luckily Saturn only aspects this.

POINT 2: (red font and Roman numeral IV)

Next let me show you the 4th house: The Sukhasthana of the horoscope. Who is there :

None other than Saturn and he is placed in the worst sign to be in ie. in Leo/Sinha rashi… indicating no Sukha.

In fact, right down to the uncomfortable Formula 1 Driver’s seat which Niki Lauda occupied all his life.

Yet… Mars and Sun aspecting this 4th house (2 fiery planets) especially Sun aspecting it’s own sign point to the presence of a substantial estate (this is true)… in addition, Mars and Sun in an airy sign of Aquarius/Kumbha point to aviation connections

He ran three airlines.


Now, let’s look at the horrendous 1976 crash which had the power to end his career… why did it scar him completely with severe burns?

The WORST malefic for Vrishabha/Taurus is Mars.. it’s a Maraka also. Here it aspects 1st house or especially face(but also body)


What gave him the energy to fight this? How did he race just about 6 months later after life threatening injuries?

1. Venus is Lagna lord in the 9th of fortune. (Blue font outline)

The role of his wife (a stunningly good looking woman by the way) cannot be denied.. Venus is in the 9th house in a friend’s sign, note it’s conjunction with Mercury in that sign of Makar/Capricorn and most important note that Venus is NOT combust. (> 9 degrees away from Sun)

2. Sun aspects it’s own house and exchange between Sun and Saturn (2 malefics.. indicates struggle) (red font)

3. Moon in Dhanus (yellow outline)

By the way, as an experience, you should all go and do a test drive in a Ferrari at Nurburgring where the accident took place. Those who can’t should try the simulator to understand just how difficult that racing circuit is…. the only time the man’s formidable Mercury succumbed which brings is to point 5:

POINT 5: (Blue outline)

Why is Mercury so formidable in this chart:

1. It is not combust (rare to find a chart when Mercury is not combust)… and rendered powerful as lord of 5th house of purva punya in the 9th house. Mercury is the lone benefic of Vrishabha/Taurus rashi.

2. strength with Asc lord Ven


Why does #NikiLauda ‘s fame occur from 1971. Check the dasha sequence carefully.

Dasha of Sun occurs in 1971 and as we said is in the 10th house of career with Mars and aspected by Saturn (struggle)…

Why does his accident occur in 1976? That too a life threatening accident? Check Ketu. Whenever you see someone do extremely irrational things and go into trouble, always check Ketu and see if the dasha is that of either of the two luminaries (Sun or Moon). Here Sun /Ketu

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