Milkha Singh

A short analysis on Shri Milkha Singh’s chart:
Since an accurate time of birth is missing, I am using some rudimentary Jyotisha here.
However the following points are noted:

  1. Ardra Nakshatra in Gemini Rashi for Moon natally which has two malefic transits: Saturn which just started retrograde motion in the 8th from the Moon, famed Kantaka Shani movement, which is very malefic and of course Rahu in Rohini in the 12th from Moon. The third transit of note is Mars in debilitation at present. All three are malefic, this last one in the 2nd from Janma Rashi.
  2. Mars in its own house Vrischika in association with the Sun giving tremendous physical strength especially over shorter distances and stamina plus the ability to combat adverse circumstances as well as fame and renown due to Sun in the same sign.
  3. The combustion of Mars by the Sun within 4 degrees gives the problem that his fame has something lacking … the absence of an Olympic medal.
  4. The above combustion of Mars along with the powerful swasthana Venus showing Ketu adding malefic influence causing some reduction to the potential of even greater world wide success.

If the exact time of birth is known, more can be known.

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