Sachin Tendulkar

By Dr Manish Pandit

POINT 1: (Green border)

Crux of the chart is the 10th house Sun who is exalted. The 10th house is the most visible house of the zodiac. Sun exhalted in the 10th house of career gives him sport, and superb lasting fame, it is visible to the world)

In addition Venus is the 4th lord who is conjunct and is Combust (inner qualities get especially powerful but house signification of 4th suffers): he had to stay away from his house quite a lot in life.

POINT 2: (Red border)

Mars is exhalted in the 7th house with a debilitated Jupiter forming a Dheeman Yoga, Jupiter obtains cancellation of debility.

POINT 3: Moon is in the “Invincible” and teekshna nakshatra of Purvashadha. (Also very sporty) Rahu in that 6th house destroys enemies, but the 6th house is the house of illness.

POINT4: (Blue border)

Saturn is in the 11th house of gains, fortune and is the 7th and 8th lord. Excellent position for Saturn. The only graha badly placed is Mercury.

Point 6: When did he get his fame?

Look at the dasha sequence. His best dasha is Mars which started in 1992. Mars is exhalted and gives attacking play.

Rahu dasha gave his a few health troubles with his elbow. (It afflicts the Moon in the 6th house of illness).

Point 7:

It is said that when Sachin Tendulkar’s form faltered, he finally was given advice to go to the Kukke Subramanya temple.
From there he regained energy and form. This is probably another example of Adrshya Jagat issues which plague people quite often unless they are engaged in some long term sadhana
Analysis: The Moon Rahu combination in Sagittarius or Dhanus Rashi that too in Purvashadha Nakshatra is what caused that decision to be made. Possibly some Naga Dosha which has been alleviated by Lord Subramanya’s grace. Many a time people gain from these remedies but it’s only if the specific Dosha exists in the first place. That which is unseen with the eye may trouble heavily unless someone possesses the eyes to actually discern what is happening.

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