Sylvester Stallone

Chart discussion by Dr Manish Pandit: Sarala Yoga involving Mercury

POINT 1: (Green and Yellow border)

In this particular case, let me direct you to the 8th house first. There is a Yoga there called Sarala yoga involving the 8th lord. In general, the Trika/Dusthana lords, of the 6th, 8th and the 12th are best placed in those houses respectively… what are the results of 8th Merc in his own house?


Did you know that the screenplay for the film which brought him to the limelight “Rocky” was written by him?

Mercury, the lord of writing, is the 8th lord and is involved in a Yoga in the 8th… with his friends Saturn … and malefic Venus forming a Vipareeta Raja Yoga.

POINT 3: (Mercury in Green and Yellow border)

Mercury, the lord of writing is 8th lord in the 8th renders the 8th house so so strong.

Note, Mercury is also the 11th lord of success and conjoins Saturn who also happens to be 4th lord … good for wealth….

POINT 4: (Yellow border first house with Ketu.. compare and contrast with Deepika Padukone’s 1st house Ketu which is with Moon, in Stallone’s case, Moon is unafflicted and strong)

And why the not so great dialogue delivery?

Look at Ketu in the first… (it is debilitated first of all)…. and it’s lord Mars is also debilitated…. apparently at his birth, an injury to a nerve in his face.. Ketu!!!

POINT 5: (Green and Yellow border look at Venus lordship wise)

Why the not so great childhood you will ask? Saturn is 4th lord and it’s in the 8th… not so good.Also Venus through it’s other house lordship : the 12th house is involved in that Vipareeta Raja Yoga in the 8th… struggle!

POINT 6: (Moon in the Red border)

But then, why the success?The other pivot of this chart which stands out is Moon, who is the lord of the 9th trikona and he is in the 10th house. Classical powerful Raja Yoga.10th house as I said is the most visible house of the zodiac. Any graha which is involved in a Raja Yoga here gives fame…

POINT 7: (Powerful Neechabhanga Mars in the chart is lord of the Ascendant)

AND… we talked about his debilitated Mars, in Gandanta BTW… then why does he have such a superb physique?1. Mercury as 8th lord in the 8th.

2. Mars has cancellation of debility from different sources: A classical Neechbhanga Raja Yoga!

Whenever you see, Moon as lord of either the 1st, the 5th or the 9th lord in the 10th house and 8th lord is in the 8th… and the dispositor of the 1st/5th/9th lord … whoever it is … is also strong, understand that the person will have fame at some stage of life…

POINT 8: (Writing and acting in violent films )

Somebody asked how the 8th house Mercury can give success of this sort in screenplay writing, which is a 2nd house activity?

Mercury is aspecting that 2nd house exactly from the 8th… (Malefic Saturn gives writing on violent films)…

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