Patsy Kensit (actress and singer, 1980s)

Check her chart: Actress who also sang AND became quite famous retaining her fame well into 2010 or so, which is not easy..

First of all, that face: Simha Lagna, Jupiter in Lagna (red markup) and aspects Moon in the 9th house (green and blue markup)

POINT 2: Check the 8th house

Mars and Saturn are in the same degree in Pisces…. unfortunately with Rahu. Note what happens in Rahu dasha who is in the 8th house and in the antardasa of Venus in the 6th house of sickness… well interestingly her Venus antardasa starts in Dec 2010 till 2013 and she had her ovaries (Venus) removed in this very period… two other tumour surgery as well…

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