Jackie Chan

Discussion on his chart by Dr Manish Pandit

Points of note:
POINT 1: Jupiter in the 3rd house

Jupiter in the 3rd house: Non visibility of father or some problem which the person’s father faces in his life: clearly seen in this man’s life, every father figure he had either went away or the relation broke apart.

POINT 2: RAHU in the 10th with Mars

Terrific 10th house Rahu: Rahu in Sagittarius can literally and figuratively give falls from a great height: here it’s literal as this man does all his stunts himself and has fallen from great heights to prove himself as a real stuntman of film. Rahu is also an actor and here it’s in that 10th house of career.
Why martial arts and why was he so successful?
Mars, Mars, Mars….. the 9th lord of Bhagya in the 10th house forming a straight Raja Yoga: Mars is also what kept him intact through the 100’s of betrayals in his life and also through the mafia pursuing him.
Please note the Rahu main dasa and Ketu antara period where he used to carry a gun and wear body armour: this is typical of Mars and Rahu.
Jupiter period gave him betrayals and as I believe some loss in fortune but he bounced right back in Saturn dasa (exhalted)

POINT 4: Why fame and why through film?
The 5th lord Moon (green border) is well placed and exhalted in the 3rd house of communication and secondary house of film.

POINT 5: Saturn exhalted in 8th … long life, “quietness” also in 6th from Moon… Sun in Lagna (Ascendant) gives sports (martial arts included)… note the energy he displayed in all his films… Sun in Ascendant and Mars in the 10th house (Mars is of course also 9th lord)

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